Why Invite Marie?

  • Marie’s book, “You Are Being Tested, Do Not Worry,” allows her to share her personal story about the challenges she faced and how she went beyond her limits and be where she is today. 

  • Her message is simple, realistic, and inspiring. She has overcome many of her own trials and tribulations that she loves to speak out and help others overcome the challenges they face. 

  • Marie is always looking for ways to inspire and uplift others to make a difference in the world, starting with people recognizing the true potential that is held within themselves.

  • As a Breast Cancer Survivor, Marie has cultivated a relationship with American Cancer Society and has been invited multiple times to be a guest speaker at various ACS events. This has allowed Marie to connect with people through her positive attitude and charming her audience with her personality to lighten up any room.    

  • Presentation Style: Her presentations include engaging the audience with interactive activities and incorporating the power of music to enhance her messages.  

  • Speaking Style: Marie speaks with constant enthusiasm and optimism. She has as a motivational, energetic, and captivating speaking style that captures the audience’s attention through a wonderful display of hope, love, and visualization of a better future.

  • Marie’s presentation will provide the audience with the key tools they need to overcome any testing times in life and leave them feeling empowered.


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